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Kits meet FDA requirement for Convenient Kits

Components are 510(k) approved FDA devices assembled into patented convenient kits for medical use.

Kits are terminally sterilized

Components are sealed within a medical grade header bag prior to sterilization.

Filter Integrity Testing

Filter integrity verified by bubble test according to institutional protocols.

Technician Technique Independent

Eliminates user contact with the sterile preparation at the critical access sites as described in USP Chapter 797.

Sterile End Solution

AseptiKits products use a 0.22 micron sterilizing grade filter within a  sterilized closed-system to achieve sterilized preparations of 10   sterility assurance level - equivalent to terminal sterilization.

All preparation containers (e.g. eye drop bottles, syringes) are closed and sealed to maintain a sterile barrier before opening the header bag.


AseptiKits Products

ALAdrop - eye drop kit
PALA - serum tears kit
VitrALA - syringe kit 
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