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The mission of AseptiKits is to provide products for making sterile preparations that are affordable and convenient for clinicians and all patients who need them.

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Expanding Sterile Compounding Capabilities

AseptiKits products use a 0.22 micron sterilizing grade filter within a  sterilized closed-system to achieve sterilized preparations of 10-6 sterility assurance level - equivalent to terminal sterilization.

Achieving Compounding Sterility
  • Meets or exceeds USP Chapter 797 & 800 standards

Increased Safety
  • Patients
  • Technicians
On-site Sterile Compounding
  • Mobile
  • "Clean room" in a bag

Lowering Costs
  • Patients
  • Clinicians
Technician Technique Independent
  • Eliminates critical contact points

  • Certified Training

Improved Patient Access
  • More locations can offer sterilized   preparations


Interested in using our kits or creating something specific to your organization's needs?  Contact us!

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AseptiKits, LLC

101 North 700 West Ste A

North Salt Lake, Utah 84054

Phone: 844-863-5170

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