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Frequently Asked Questions

 Where do I send my patients to have blood drawn and centrifuged?

Many local labs with a phlebotomist can provide phlebotomy and centrifuge services at a nominal cost.  These are easily found with a quick internet search.  Some physician offices hire a phlebotomist to come in on specific days to draw blood for autologous serum.  Many family physicians often have full time phlebotomists and centrifuges that may also be willing to provide this service.

How much are patients paying today for autologous blood serum eye drops?

This varies from region to region, but ranges from $150 to $350 per set of drops that last 60 days or more depending on institutional recommendations. 

How long does it take to process the eye drops?

It takes about an hour to wait for the blood to clot and then centrifuge. Processing centrifuged eye drops using the PALA Kit usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Is the PALA Kit easy to use?

The PALA Kit is remarkably simple and easy to use. Please watch the video provided on this site for a full demonstration.

Do you provide in-servicing for clinicians?

Yes.  Please contact a friendly representative at AseptiKits to set up a date and time.

How do I calculate the correct volume ratio of serum to saline?

A Saline to Serum Volume Reference Chart is included in the Instructions for Use. 

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