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PALA Kit -Provider FAQs

How long does it take to process YourTears eye drops using PALA Kits?

It takes about an hour for the blood draw, clotting and centrifuging. Processing eye drops using the PALA Kit takes about 15 minutes.

Is the PALA Kit easy to use?

The PALA Kit is simple and easy to use. Please watch the video provided on this site for a full demonstration.

Does AseptiKits provide in-servicing for clinicians?

Yes.  Please contact AseptiKits to set up a date and time for hands-on training.

How is the correct volume ratio of serum to saline calculated?

A saline to serum concentration chart is included in the PALA Kit Instructions For Use. 

Is there a YourTears provider list for patient referrals?

Please see the list of Providers by state to find a location near your office or contact AseptiKits directly.

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